This is a /now page and if you have your own site, you should make one, too. It only talks about now, not what’s next :)

Last Updated 2022-02-18 Friday 01:32am

Here’s what I’m working on now / going on in my life, in no particular order:

  1. I am in California, working in a comfortable job; although occasionally not getting full 40 hours per week; & thus trying to do some gigs alongside.
  2. Had a week long vacation after so many months; almost first time since I came to US.
  3. Have lots of credit cards, for different purposes like gas, rent, food, grocery, online & such; but no carry over balance or interest.
  4. As my work now is not on one desk; I struggle to use paper bullet journal; & I also am not keeping up with tracking my daily expenses.
  5. I have taken this as a fact that my devices will always have 100+ tabs.
  6. Keeping up with Young Sheldon, waiting for Better Call Saul.
  7. A lost list of pending books to read & movies to watch & places to visit.

Older Updates

2019-03-07 Thursday

  1. I am in California, working odd jobs & trying to make ends meet.
  2. For few weeks my both phones had >100 tabs.
  3. I have learned a lot about Google Apps Script & related.
  4. I am still struggling to learn about Miles/Gallons/MM-DD/Pints etc.

2017-08-16 Wednesday

  1. I am in Doha, Qatar, working with Carillion Qatar.
  2. I am working on being a good Husband.
  3. One of my Phone has :D number of tabs open, most of them from hacker news or links from there, all either I am supposed to read; or process/note-down/learn. The other phone has 51+ tabs, all I need to read/note/process.
  4. I have come off from Facebook, as it was consuming too much time.
  5. I am learning Jekyll & Liquid. Also I learned & started writing personal library for frequently used javascript functions.
  6. I am enjoying the TV Show Game of Thrones Seson 07, & planning to read the books to sometime soon in future.
  7. I have also molded Google Keep as my temporary on-the-go Bullet Journal, & is working fine.
  8. I am trying to prioritize My Health, Presence with Family as compared to work.
  9. Want to resume posting photos on Instagram, & also to start using the camera again.