This is the post about the text shortcut phrases I use on android phones.


We all know how much inconvenient it is to type long repetitive words/excerpts on tiny mobile keyboards. Luckily, there are few ways to use technology for our convenience (as almost every time).

There are certain apps & ways that “expand” what you type to what you actually wanted to type; kind of like shortcuts e.g. typing ty will expand to thank you & such.

Also, the app can assign some dynamic values like current date, hour, minute, day, month, year in number/word formats. It can also detect the case of shortcut first letter & expand the phrase first letter to same case i.e. ty will expand to thank you; & Ty will expand to Thank you


  • Devices:
    • Huawei Honor7 with Android
    • Lenovo A6010 with Android
  • Application

Phrase List


Shortcut - Phrase - Remarks

  1. ?.- (?) - to imply that if what I say/ask is true e.g. WiFi down (?) is it?
  2. andor- and/or
  3. bjd- dd/mm - Bullet Journal Done
  4. bjt-mm/dd ddd: - Bullet Journal Today
  5. btw- by the way
  6. coz- because
  7. ctn- Can’t talk now, will call back, Sorry!
  8. dcm- - My Photo Website
  9. dcn- Dav Chana - My Full Name
  10. dcr- davxxxxxx@xxxxx.coxxxx - My Work Email
  11. dfb- - My Facebook (now defunct)
  12. dgm- - My Google Email
  13. dgp- - My Google+ Profile
  14. digm- - My Instagram Profile
  15. dint- din’t - need not to go to symbols section of keyboard
  16. dont- don’t - same as above
  17. dsin- Davxxxxxx Xxxxgxxx - My Full Name
  18. dtw- http: // - My Twitter Profile
  19. e.bear- ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - e stands for emoji
  20. e.lenny- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - the famous lenny face
  21. e.shrug- ¯\(ツ)/¯ - shrugs
  22. fmin- I will be there in five minutes..
  23. gmg- Good Morning!!
  24. gmh- Good Morning, How are you?
  25. hbda- Many many happy returns of the day to you! Here’s wishing you a day filled with fun and delight!! - Happy Birthday A
  26. hbds- Happy Birthday!! Enjoy - Happy Birthday Short
  27. hru- How are you?
  28. hsf- Have a Safe Flight!! Enjoy - have safe flight
  29. htps- https:// - again, no need to go symbols section of keyboard
  30. igc- #Canon #60D #18135mm #DavChana - Instagram Tags for Canon Camera
  31. igf- #Fuji #FujiFilm #XA1 #1655mm #DavChana - Instagram Tags for Fuji Camera
  32. ighw- #Huawei #Honor7 #Phone #DavChana - IG Tags for Huawei Phone, igh comes in many words like hIGH, nIGHt etc.
  33. igs- #Sony #alpha #a5000 #1855mm #DavChana - IG Tags for Sony
  34. igtags- \n\n#TravelGram #ThroughMyEyes #Travelling #Europe #2015 #GoodTimes #TravelBug #Moments #Live #Breathtaking #Beauty #Life #InstaGood #InstaLike - Quick Instagram Tags
  35. lbb- I Love You!!
  36. mpl- My pleasure
  37. nws- No Worries:)
  38. ok- okay
  39. omg- Oh my God!
  40. otw- on the way
  41. plz- please
  42. ppl- people
  43. ssa- Sat Sri Akal.. - Way of Greeting in Punjabi - Wikipedia
  44. tcb- take care, bye!
  45. thts- that’s
  46. thx- Thanks
  47. ty.- thank you.. - dot is required, because ty comes in many common words like naughty; & dot is on the same screen as alphabets on keyboard
  48. tyvm- Thank you very much.. - initials of the phrase
  49. vsrc- view-source: - to quickly view the source in Google Chrome Android, click in URL bar start, type this
  50. whod- - to quickly view the DNS records of current domain in Google Chrome Android
  51. whow- - to quickly view the WHOIS records of current domain in Google Chrome Android
  52. wru- Where are you?
  53. yawc- You are Welcome

Saved around 69K+ characters by using this.